Playful Math - Lek och lär med Matte

Playful Math (Lek och lär med matte) v1.50 for iPhone /iPad released

New version of Playful Math (Lek och lär med matte) released for iPhone/iPad 2021-01-16.

New in v1.50:

  • Selectable multiplication tables 1-10.
  • Added sound when switching hats.
  • Updated privacy policy link target.
Playful Math - Lek och lär med Matte
Playful Math (Lek och lär med matte) for iPhone/iPad/Mac.

How to select multiplication tables in Playful Math

  1. In the main menu – activate level 7.
  2. Select which of the times tables you want to train.
    By default all tables 0-10 are activated. You can disable a multiplication table by clicking any of the numbers 0-10.
  3. After selecting the active tables press one of the characters (boy / girl) and start your math journey!
  4. Done!

More information about Playful Math

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