New website and sound effect shop launched

Sound effect shop and new website launched

We are proud to announce the new website and online sound effect shop, launching today! I just wanted to do a quick update before the summer vacation hits in. We did a overhaul of the website and finally moved all content over to a wordpress solution. For us it’s a natural move since we have […]

Nisses Music - Sound match and music making app

New app update Nisses Music sound match

New app update Nisses Music sound match. Summer is closing in on us and we have two app updates going on in the studio aside from the consulting we are doing for Zordix and Turborilla. The game Aqua Moto Racing Utopia, which we scored some year ago will hit Xbox one tomorrow. The game will be […]

Norra – new web published

The new website for Norra Skogsägarna is finally live. I was hired to do some clean UI / UX design and layout templates for the different pages of the new website and solve the navigation. The website was developed by Teknikhuset. Go and give it a visit!

GDPR Privacy Policy Update

We have made updates to our privacy policy in order to give more accurate information on how we comply with the new GDPR ruleset regarding storing personal data. Our kids apps do not store any personal identifiable information and are thereby in line with GDPR. Read more about our privacy policy.

The sound of Mad Skills BMX 2

The sound of Mad Skills BMX 2

The sound of Mad Skills BMX 2 revealed. The sequal to Turborillas critically acclaimed bicycle title, Mad Skills BMX 2 is now released for iOS & Android! We created the audio for the title including music, sound design and voice over production. During the recording sessions we built a 9 feet high plywood ramp in […]

New single and showreel video

Mattias just released a new single called Marsiascope in time for the christmas holiday season! The song is a downtempo chillout track with a smooth vibe inspired by the idea of people migrating to Mars in the future to terraform the desolate planet. The track originated from a chill acoustic guitar riff that Mattias sampled […]

Black Friday Sale – 50% off

Christmas is coming and Black friday is soon upon us. We give a 50% discount across all our iOS and Mac apps starting today, so hurry up and get some entertaining apps for the coming holidays. Offer ends 2017-11-27.

The Secret of Game Jam

The Secret Of Game jam

The secret of game jam is to have fun and be bold with your ideas… Just arrived back from Cyprus after a week of sunny vacation. The swedish summer was not that good this year so I needed to take a quick break in the sun with the family. It was a blast! At the […]