How to side chain audio properly

Side-chaining, in music, means that you are activating an effect with an alternative audio source. The alternative source is set to a threshold, which when […]

Beatmaker Vice Ujam

Beatmaker VICE Synthwave plugin by UJAM

UJAM has a broad line of electronic drum plug-ins with the Beatmaker suite of plugins. Beatmaker VICE is the drum machine plugin specialized in the […]

Gain Staging and Side Chain mixing masterclass

Gain Staging & Sidechain Mixing Masterclass

In this mixing masterclass we discuss gain staging and sidechain mixing. I recently made a video talking about a few concepts when working with audio volume levels in the DAW.

Analog Coast Kit - Lo-Fi Sample pack

Lo Fi sample pack – Analog Coast Kit

The Analog Coast Kit – Lo-Fi sample pack contains a gritty collection of sounds created with the analog Make Noise 0-Coast synth. The perfect Lo-Fi […]

Synth Highlights NAMM 2020

Synth Highlights NAMM 2020

New Synthesizers, Midi Controllers, Modular Synth, Software, and more After 24 hours of flight from Sweden to LA, I came to grab the Synth Highlights […]

5 tips to grow a brand in 2020

5 tips to grow a brand in 2020

How can you grow a brand as a creator, artist, producer in 2020? My 5 tips to grow a brand in 2020 In this video […]

Jamuary 2020 with Digitakt tips

It’s Jamuary 2020! A great opportunity to sharpen your jam performance skills. Build confidence for sharing your music on social media. Take some time to […]

Bitwig Vocoder like Imogen Heap's Hide and seek

Bitwig Vocoder Like Imogen Heap

In this new video we explore the new Vocoder plugin in Bitwig Studio 3.1.1. The Vocoder effect can be used to harmonize your monophonic vocal […]

best multi effects pedal 2019

Best Multi Effects Pedal 2019

The best multi effects pedal 2019 is the Zoia! I’ve gone through a whole bunch of pedals through the years and the past weeks I’ve […]