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Diabolical Lilith – New Album Release

Diabolical Lilith – New Album Release Diabolical Lilith

I’m proud to announce my latest album release, Diabolical Lilith! Diabolical Lilith This album is a collection of 34 orchestral songs. Diabolical Lilith features some of my most dramatic music scores. What inspired me to write Diabolical Lilith? You will find inspiration from medieval melodies, choral voice music, Diablo, The Witcher… and some of the […]

New single and showreel video

Mattias just released a new single called Marsiascope in time for the christmas holiday season! The song is a downtempo chillout track with a smooth vibe inspired by the idea of people migrating to Mars in the future to terraform the desolate planet. The track originated from a chill acoustic guitar riff that Mattias sampled […]