Bitwig Producer Series Tutorials

Bitwig Studio Tutorials For Producers

This is a collection of video tutorials and articles tailored towards music producers who want to grow with the Bitwig Studio DAW. Here you will find tons of good tips and tricks to sharpen your Bitwig skills. Let’s go! Are you a beginner and want to learn the basics of Bitwig? Then we also have […]

Bitwig Studio Basics Video Tutorials

Bitwig Studio Basics Tutorials

Learn all about the modern Bitwig Studio DAW in the Bitwig Studio Basics Tutorials Series. This is the fastest way to learn Bitwig. Get started quickly and learn all the important features today! Subscribe to the Morningdew Media Updates and get instant notifications when new videos and/or articles are published! Are you already an advanced […]

Using Maschine Jam in Bitwig Studio

Using Maschine Jam with Bitwig Studio

In this article and video we talk about midi controllers with tight integration for Bitwig Studio. Using Maschine Jam with Bitwig Studio is an excellent combo to enhance your music production. Firstly, in the video we will do a brief talk on the Panorama P6 Midi keyboard controller from Nektar Tech. Furthermore, we will look […]

Christmas Game Music in Bitwig 2018

Christmas Special Video

In this video we look at a Christmas Game Music track that was composed with presets from the Producer Essentials Pack Vol 1 for Bitwig Studio 2. I wanted to show the broad spectrum of tracks you can create with the presets from the Bitwig pack. It’s very versatile and a great starting point for […]

Producer Essentials Pack Vol 1 for Bitwig Studio 2

Producer Essentials Pack Vol 1 for Bitwig Studio.

Bitwig finally got a great starter pack for the modern music producer. This sound pack contains an extensive collection of ready-to-go instrument presets for Bitwig Studio. Importantly, the Producer Essentials Pack Vol 1 for Bitwig  Studio features the sounds you need to produce modern EDM music and contains 808 basses, super saw chords, plucks, bells, […]

How to write better melodies

How to write better melodies – Muscle memory, the gift & curse.

Muscle memory can be a gift and a curse. If you repeat a physical task your muscle nerves will react and increase in response time. It is the nature of motor learning and makes us perform tasks without conscious effort.  This article is really about balance.  A balance between, using muscle memory, and using alternative ways to […]

DAW Template Best Practise and tips.

DAW Template Best Practise – Why & how to use them.

Could you produce better music if you had all the instruments in the world a click away? Would it ease up your workflow and make the magic happen more often? This article is about DAW template best practise. A DAW template can be a helpful tool to ease up your workflow. Furthermore, it can make the […]

Transitional techniques in music production

Transition Techniques in Music Production

Are there any magical shortcuts to create a great track? Probably not, but there are tricks to turn a decent track into a brilliant track! Adding transitional effects and fills between your different sections can really bring the piece together. Importantly, creating a growing anticipation for what is coming up next. How can we create […]

Stuck in the 8 bar loop? How to finish songs faster

Stuck in the 8-bar loop? How to finish songs faster!

Are you stuck in the 8-bar loop? Finishing music is an art in Itself. Everyone can write a chorus drop.…Or let me re-phrase that: Everyone can imitate a YouTube video tutorial and make an epic drop similar to the professional producers and artists. But to take the track further and actually finish the song you […]