Best melody writing tips part 1.

In this series, Best melody writing tips, I am going to give you tips which will lift your songwriting to a new level. Are you […]

Bitwig Drum Machine tutorial

Bitwig Drum Machine Tutorial

Bitwig Drum Machine, is a powerful device if you know about all the cool features. Understanding the audio signal flow in Bitwig Studio is crucial […]

Gain Staging and Side Chain mixing masterclass

Gain Staging & Sidechain Mixing Masterclass

In this mixing masterclass we discuss gain staging and sidechain mixing. I recently made a video talking about a few concepts when working with audio volume levels in the DAW.

Analog Coast Kit - Lo-Fi Sample pack

Lo Fi sample pack – Analog Coast Kit

The Analog Coast Kit – Lo-Fi sample pack contains a gritty collection of sounds created with the analog Make Noise 0-Coast synth. The perfect Lo-Fi […]

Synth Highlights NAMM 2020

Synth Highlights NAMM 2020

New Synthesizers, Midi Controllers, Modular Synth, Software, and more After 24 hours of flight from Sweden to LA, I came to grab the Synth Highlights […]

5 tips to grow a brand in 2020

5 tips to grow a brand in 2020

How can you grow a brand as a creator, artist, producer in 2020? My 5 tips to grow a brand in 2020 In this video […]

Jamuary 2020 with Digitakt tips

It’s Jamuary 2020! A great opportunity to sharpen your jam performance skills. Build confidence for sharing your music on social media. Take some time to […]

best multi effects pedal 2019

Best Multi Effects Pedal 2019

The best multi effects pedal 2019 is the Zoia! I’ve gone through a whole bunch of pedals through the years and the past weeks I’ve […]

Diabolical Lilith

Diabolical Lilith – New Album Release

I’m proud to announce my latest album release, Diabolical Lilith! Diabolical Lilith This album is a collection of 34 orchestral songs. Diabolical Lilith features some […]

Creative Guide v1.2

Creative Guide 2019 v1.2 update

Just wanted to give you a hint that the FREE Creative Guide has been updated with some new chapters! It’s spring in Sweden. While a […]