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Doumbek Kontakt Instrument

Doumbek Kontakt Instrument doumbek_kontakt_gumroad

The doumbek is a goblet shaped drum that originates in Egypt. It is a small, portable hand drum that is popular in different music worldwide. Price: €14 Features: A fully multi-sampled Doumbek hand drum for the Kontakt sampler. 5 round robins & velocity layers for the major: Doum, tek, ka articulations. Flam speed control Filter […]

Straylight review – Kontakt library showcase

Straylight review – Kontakt library showcase Straylight Review - Granular Kontakt Library

Granular synthesis is one of my favourite synthesis methods. It’s so direct and often yields very satisfying results with little effort. Straylight is a brand new granular library for the Kontakt sampler. Developed by no other than Frank Elting which was product designer on many of Native Instruments products. You probably heard about some of […]