OP-1 Field vs OP-1 (the original)

Teenage Engineering finally released the sequal to the highly praised OP-1, the OP-1 field. But how does the original OP-1 compare to the OP-1 field head-to-head? Is the upgrade really worth it? What does the new version offer?

Buy the OP-1 Field (perfect circuit affiliate link):

Is it worth buying the new OP-1 field?

OP-1 Field vs OP-1

I made a video comparing the new OP-1 Field with the original OP-1 to break down what I believe are the big differences between the two. How does the new 32-bit audio engine sound, what is the new mother reverb effect all about, how does the new tape machines work?

Furthermore we also talk about the build quality of the new OP-1 which has quite a drastic design update from the previous edition. The OP-1 field has a solid metal chassie on the outer “rim”. The knobs, buttons and font has also changed.

Is the new OP-1 Field €2K worth in improvements? Watch my video to find out more!

UPDATE – I made an album with the OP-1 field

A few weeks after purchasing the OP-1 field I compiled an album with songs I made on the Field AND the Original OP-1. You can learn about my process and struggles of making the album with these devices here:

THe making of an album with OP-1 field and OP-1.
Learn how to make a track on the OP-1 field!

Watch me make a chill out track on the OP-1 Field called Obi-Wan Kenobi!

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