Film Scoring For Beginners Video Course

Film Scoring For Beginners Video Course

Welcome to the Film Scoring For Beginners series. A brand new online video course with film scoring techniques. Importantly, you will learn everything you need to know on how to score music for film and animations.

Film Scoring for beginners Episode 01 – Spotting, Tempo & Arranging.

In the video episodes we will go through everything from the very first contact with a producer / director. Overcoming the initial writers block barrier to write the very first notes and motif. We will expand motifs into full-blown themes and arrange them into a proper music score. Importantly, we will also talk about weighting music against the dialogue.

Who is the Film Scoring for Beginners video course for?

I believe the scoring course is for anyone working with media today. And there are workflows and techniques you can utilize in everything from Instagram Stories, Tik Tok music videos, to your own You Tube channel videos and streams.

Film scoring techniques and tricks to score films faster!

My name is Mattias and I have been scoring music and sounds for games, film and commercial media projects since starting the media production company Morningdew Media in 2003.

Now I want to share all my tips and tricks in the field of sound and music. Furthermore, let you know about the pitfalls you will encounter on the way. Misstakes that can easily be overcome if you know how to deal with them!

I started this film scoring YouTube channel and blog to help aspiring producers get a good start in their musical career. And give YOU the tools to work with confidence in any music project.

To encourage and inspire!

Scoring should be fun and with a light heart! Let’s get started today!

Film Scoring For Beginners Episode 1

In this first episode of Film Scoring for beginners I talk about the very first steps you take with the client on a film scoring project. What happens when you have negotiated the budget for scoring the film? When you finally get that first meeting (read: Skype session) with the film director to actually begin working on the film?

It usually begins with the spotting!

Common film scoring process:

  1. Spotting – Where and what music to place.
  2. Tempo & Pace – Outlining the tempo for the music cue spots.
  3. Template & Sounds – Selecting sounds for your score. Personalizing the template with your own unique audio recordings.
  4. Composing
  5. Orchestrating and arranging the music

With this first film scoring video episode I want to introduce you to the process of film scoring. How you can get on track and take the first baby steps to a full blown film score.

Part 4 & 5 (film music composition & orchestration) will be discussed in upcoming videos.

Hope you enjoy this film scoring episode!

The Music of Tik Tok, Instagram Stories and upcoming social platforms.

While this series is focused on scoring for film, I want to include a broad perspective. I think we also need to talk about modern and relevant platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. These platforms also support short film clips with music and sound. Tik Tok is a rapidly growing social platform that we need to keep a close eye on. And Instagram is now probably the most cost effective platform to grow on for new artists.

Scoring music for trailers

I have a video on scoring music for a kickstarter trailer which I think you should also watch as a prequel to this film scoring series. It will give you insight in a quick turnaround scoring project I recently did for a client in South Korea working on a RPG board game called Koryo Hall of Adventures.

The Koryo Hall of Adventures, is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with a strong Korean flavour in concept and culture.

Behind the Film Scoring for Beginners video course

Writing for film and animation is something I have been doing for about 15 years. I’ve written music scores for many types of media projects. Be it short films, animations, trailers, in-game cinematics and commercials.

So I’ve had plenty of opportunity to dwell in various thematic screenplays. From light-hearted comedy (Love and Paint), to thrillers (Bag Of Bones), to nostalgic scifi drama (Fender), drama animation (Mr.Curiosity and the cat). And of course I did plenty of dark scores in many games and films like (Project ZT:Genesis).

I hope to show you some scenes from these projects in the Film Scoring for beginners video series. And also some more recent scoring projects.

Want to learn more about the basics of harmony and chord progressions?

I recently did another video and article on how to create better chord progressions and improve the structure of notes. I give away tons of tips on how I attack chord progressions and make my notes flow better between the chords.

Check this article on How to make better chord progressions.

More videos in the Film Scoring for beginners series

How to develop a theme from a motif – Film Scoring For Beginners E02
Chord progression tricks – Film Scoring For Beginners E03
Theme variations – Film Scoring for beginners E04
How to score action – Film Scoring For Beginners E05
Film Scoring for beginners episode 6.
Film Scoring for beginners episode 7.
FIlm Scoring for beginners episode 8 – Rings of power music analysis.

Again, welcome to my community of creativity and film scoring youtube!

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