How to distribute music online in 2020

How to distribute music online in 2020?

In this article and video, How to distribute music online in 2020, I explain the process of distributing your music the easy way!

How to distribute music online in 2020

How to distribute music online?

So you’ve just got the final master back from the mastering service and it’s time to get those tracks out to the world. But as you browse the internet you quickly see it’s really a jungle of different music distribution services.

How do you know which distribution service to go with?

During the years I’ve been walking through a few of the big names in the distribution market. I finally landed on a platform called DistroKid.

DistroKid is now my primary choice for digital distribution and in this article I will explain why!

Why use DistroKid?

Firstly, I’ve been using DistroKid for many years to get my music to Spotify, iTunes and Amazon. In the past I’ve used several other services, but they are either too expensive (pay per album). Or they take too long to process my tracks. Some services are also very hard to navigate and the publishing process takes forever to complete.

I’ve published everything from game music soundtracks, to film scores and Future Bass tracks with GELHEIN – Fly!

The music publishing process

With DistroKid the music publishing process is very smooth. You just select how many tracks you want to publish and enter the meta data for the tracks. All the major streaming platforms are pre-selected with checkboxes. But you can always opt-out of specific platforms if you want.

You get to select the track price, genre and a release date.

Then you upload your tracks and album art.

Leave a legacy – earn royalties forever

At the bottom of the subform you get some extra options. One option is “Leave a legacy”. That basically means that even if you cancel your DistroKid subscription the tracks will still be on the streaming platforms.

And you will continue to earn streaming royalties from your music.
Even if you die…


After publishing your track on DistroKid platform. DistroKid will create a HyperFollow page for your song / album. The HyperFollow page contains all the links to the different platforms where your songs are available. It’s a great “one link” page which you can share on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter!

HyperFollow URL will always stay the same so you will not have to update the link if your other streaming platform links changes.

I made a video explaining the benefits of HyperFollow which you can watch here:

Promote your music with HyperFollow.

You can see a sample of the hyperfollow page here.

The subscription model is very simple with DistroKid!

Pay once per year, and publish as many singles or albums as you want!

Subscription cost is currently as low as $19.99 / year (2019). That’s half as much as the competition. And with many other services you have to pay for every single release…

Get your music on Tiktok!

DistroKid now also supports TikTok, Tidal and around 150 other platforms! With DistroKid your music will be out on these platforms just within a few days.

Keep 100% of the royalties!

Furthermore, you also obtain 100% of the royalties from the streaming!

How about that?

Oh, I remember when the labels took 50% of the cut back in the 1990s…

You also earn royalty when someone uses your music on YouTube and TikTok.

In conclusion, I highly recommend DistroKid as it’s my first choice when it comes to distributing my music to the digital streaming platforms.

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