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TIME macro and micro review – You never heard the orchestra like this!

I made a video demonstrating the TIME macro and micro bundle release from Orchestral Tools. It’s a versatile orchestral textures library with great attention, details and phrasings of the sampled orchestra. Furthermore, the library contains both ensamble patches and individual sections for a complete sound at your fingertips. It will truly give you plenty of inspirational patches to start your new cinematic compositions. Time is also using Orchestral Tools own virtual instrument, the Sine Player to host the library and samples. Watch the video to learn more!

TIME macro, micro sample library demo and review video!

Time macro – library sounds

The Time macro library contains the sound of mid-sized orchestral ensembles and choirs. Combined to create unique shifting textures–clearly rooted in organic sound, but imperceptibly drifting up into the ether. Advanced articulations and dynamic gestures add nuance and movement. With full sections, 10 individual ensembles, and evocative ‘Chrono Structures’, TIME macro is instant inspiration. Essential for all kinds of contemporary scoring, and perfect for underscoring and sound design.

Time macro highlights

  • Long, sustained, shifting textures
  • Rhythmic clockwork patterns
  • Pendulum swells
  • 10 individual large ensembles
  • Female and male choirs
  • Unique textural patches ‘Chrono Structures’
  • Full sections for strings, woodwinds, and choir
  • Harps & Vibes

Time micro – library sounds

In addition to Time macro, Time micro is the sound of small ensembles and solo instruments playing with the utmost restraint and precision. Here too, the focus is on sustains that move and shift, with a wide range of articulations and complex ‘Chrono Structures’. Exercising the power of the understatement, this is a secret weapon for underscoring, sound design, and all kinds of modern music production.

Time micro highlights

  • Soft, shimmering, delicate sounds
  • Pendulum swells
  • Experimental articulations
  • 14 small ensembles and solo instruments
  • Long, sustained, shifting textures
  • Rhythmic clockwork patterns
  • Unique textural patches ‘Chrono Structures’
  • 5 specialized Combined patches

Time macro and micro bundle available from Orchestral Tools

TIME macro and micro is available as a bundle from Orchestral Tools. Read more about Time macro and micro bundle here.

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