Best Synths of NAMM 2021 Believe in music

Best Synths of NAMM 2021 – Believe In Music

Today we look at the best synths of NAMM 2021 – Believe In Music. NAMM is the yearly music convention usually held in California (Anaheim). Due to the current ongoing covid-19 crisis with restrictions on public people gatherings and travel restrictions the NAMM convention now appears in a digital form.

I’ve collected some of my favourite synths from the NAMM show which I believe is worth checking out.

Best Synths of NAMM 2021 Believe In Music

What are the best synths of NAMM 2021?

Synths we look at in the video are:
UNO Synth Pro, Korg modwave, Korg ARP2600M, Korg Wavestate SE.

Furthermore, another product I’m very excited to try out when it’s released is the Korg Gadget VR which is a virtual music studio! In the release video we saw Korg using a Oculus Quest VR headset to view the Gadget experience. The video was a bit stuttering and I hope they get the framerate and fidelity up before it’s released to the public.

Some other worthy mentions is the Kurzweil K2700. Can’t remember when I last saw a K-series workstation released. But I do recall Jordan Rudess showcasing the Kurzweil K2500 when doing his instruction videos and clinics back in the days. Before joining up with the mighty Dream Theater. That said the K2500 sure looks like a powerful workstation.

Do people use synth workstations rather than a DAW?

I don’t know for sure, but I will keep a close eye on the K2700 to see what the workflow is like.

Can’t wait to try out all these synths and apps during 2021.
Hope you enjoy this collection of my favourite synths of NAMM 2021!

Thanks for watching and supporting my channel!

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