BA-1 synth from Baby Audio

Unleash Analog Magic with the BA-1 Synth

Welcome to the world of vintage analog synthesis, where warmth, character, and sonic nostalgia reign supreme. Baby Audio presents the BA-1 synth, a powerful and intuitive software instrument that effortlessly transports you back to the golden era of analog synthesis. In this article, we’ll explore the remarkable features of the BA-1 synth and discover how it can enhance your music production journey.

BA-1 The first proper analog-modeled emulation of the CS01, a beloved and cultish 1982 monosynth!

Review video of BA-1 synth!

Watch my video review of BA-1 and listen to the warm analog glory!

Want to try the BA-1 synth for free? Get it via the link below. The trail version will insert 5 sec of silence every 60 seconds.

– The Essence of Analog Bliss –

BA-1 is the Yamaha CS01…but polyphonic, and with effects!

YAMAHA CS01 from 1982 is a wonderful little portable synth. BA-1 makes a perfect emulation of the CS01 and takes the synth to new territories with “battery control”, polyphony and a classic analog “budget” effects section.

Yes, the original CS01 was monophonic, but you can also flip a switch on BA-1 if you want to make it sound mono like the classic!

Yamaha CS01

Speaker emulation

Even the speaker emulation from the CS01 is included in the BA-1 synth, so you can flip a switch and instantly get that sweet lofi sound!

Embracing the Warmth

The BA-1 synth captures the essence of vintage analog warmth in a digital age. Its meticulously crafted sound engine and careful attention to detail ensure that every note you play resonates with a beautiful, organic warmth that is reminiscent of classic analog synths. Say goodbye to sterile and lifeless sounds— the BA-1 brings your music to life with its authentic analog character. And if that’s not enough, degrade/reduce the battery amount and make the sound sparkle (fuzz) even more!

A Journey Through Time

To truly appreciate the BA-1 synth, let’s take a moment to delve into the rich history of analog synthesis. From the iconic Minimoog to the legendary Roland Jupiter-8, analog synths have shaped the sonic landscape of countless genres. Baby Audio pays homage to these timeless instruments, incorporating their iconic sonic qualities into the BA-1, making it a gateway to the magic of vintage soundscapes.

Intuitive User Interface

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting your musical journey, the BA-1’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and create stunning sounds. With intuitive controls and clear visual feedback, you’ll spend less time tweaking parameters and more time immersing yourself in the creative process.

Oscillators unleashed

The BA-1 synth features dual oscillators, each offering a wide range of waveforms. From the classic sawtooth and square waves to rich triangle and pulse waves, the oscillators provide a versatile foundation for crafting unique sounds. Experiment with detuning and blending the oscillators to achieve fat, lush tones or create intricate harmonics that will captivate your listeners.

Sonic Shaping

To truly shape your sound, the BA-1 synth offers a suite of built-in effects. Add grit and character with the distortion module, create lush textures with the chorus effect, or immerse your sounds in a rich, spacious environment with the reverb. These effects provide the perfect finishing touches to polish your sounds to perfection.

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