Composing Video Game Music E02

In Composing Video Game Music episode two we explore how to compose music for a game event.

How do you depict (in music) when a player is hunted, or captured by the enemy?

I recently composed music for a game where there was an event when the player is captured by the enemy. We have already set the mood in the previous episode with the general calm background music of the game. And now we need to make an additional music cue with a little bit more excitement and anticipation.

How to compose video game music episode 2.

What will you learn in the composing video game music video?

  • Music theory for video game music
  • Chord ideas, progressions and melodies for exciting / suspense music.
  • Arrangement tips and tricks.
  • Instrument selection. We talk about WHY to select certain instruments.
  • How to layer instruments effectively for a more full sounds.

In the composing video game music video we use Logic Pro X, but you can easily replicate the music in any kind of DAW. The DAWs are just tools. And you are the “blacksmith” to make the music in the DAW.

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