Mysterious royalty free music

Mysterious royalty free music for game and films

Mysterious royalty free music is what we do. We compose music with a mysterious vibe for various projects like games, film, videos and trailers. Our music evoke deep emotions and is written to fit with the story of the projects. Take a listen to some of our cues of mystery. If you want to license music from us or order brand new compositions crafted to fit your specific project, please use the contact form and we will get back to you asap.
You can listen to our broad selection of genres from the Listen page.

We also have tons of cues in the mysterious genre on Mattias Holmgren Soundcloud page and on Mattias Holmgren Spotify.

Mysterious royalty free music

Here is a selection of mysterious / dark evocative cues from various projects we worked on:

The abandoned farm


Spellchemy Menu music

I am not him

Contained within stain

Dungeon Born

Prince of the masquerade

Mattias Holmgren

Mattias Holmgren is a creative director sailing from Sweden – business owner of Morningdew Media. Visit Mattias YouTube with videos on music, creative sound design, graphics and brand development. Check out the Resources Page if you want to know what gear i use. Join my exclusive community:

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