omega vital preset pack

Vital Presets Pack – OMEGA

OMEGA // Vital presets pack
+80 carefully crafted presets for Vital!

OMEGA demo song #3 – Future Bass

Future Bass track made with presets from OMEGA // VItal Presets Pack!

OMEGA demo song #2 – Summer Chill

Summer Chill – OMEGA // Vital Presets Pack demo song #2. Exclusively sounds from OMEGA.

OMEGA demo song #1 – MEGA DRIVE

Take a listen to the first demo song, MEGA DRIVE (synthwave), which was produced solely with presets from the Vital Mega Presets Pack.

MEGA DRIVE – OMEGA // Vital Presets Pack demo song #1 – All sounds in the demo from the Vital Presets Pack OMEGA. Enjoy!

In the Vital preset demo, MEGA DRIVE you will discover everything from the lush pads, majestic leads, analog basses, the heavy kick, snare and crisp cymbal… and finally the ethnic koto string instrument!

Watch the video and learn how to install the Vital presets pack!

Vital Presets Pack – Omega

Production Ready Instrument and Synth Presets for VITAL with FREE lifetime updates.

Includes Lush Pads, Deep Basses, Beautiful Keys, Soaring Leads, Beautiful Ethnic Instruments (Koto), Percussion and Analogue Style Synths, Synthesized Kicks, Snares and Claps, China Cymbal + much more. In conclusion, these patches are highly responsive and include sweet macro controls to help you sculpt your sound.

OMEGA Vital Presets Pack Contents

  • Presets bank with +80 Presets
  • Install instructions

Lifetime Free Updates – When I release more patches and sounds to this Vital pack you will get them for free!

Digital download with free lifetime updates.
Current version: 1.5 – 2022-05-30, manual includes changelog


To use the presets you will need:

  • Vital v1.0.7 VST/AU or higher (download Vital here)
    Please note: The Vital VST/AU plugin is not included.


Preset Sound Previews

Majestic Pad (Pad)
AngelicPad (Pad)
Koto (Lead)
Cristalla (Synth)
Bamboo (Percussion – hello, Billie Eilish!)
Small Sine (Synth)
Bells 2 (Keys)
Droplet (lead)
HardLead (Lead)
FlickPluck (Lead)
Zalmon80 (Lead)
Ariser (Effects)
Bells 1 (Keys)
Growl 1 (Bass)
JuicyBass (Bass)
Kalimbique (Keys)
Growl 2 (Bass)
Interstellar (Pad)
Log Analog 1 (Bass)
HelmsDeep (Bass)
Neptune (Pad)
Somber (Leads)
Rhodes (Keys)
String Pad (Pad)
Florida Keys (Keys)
Kalimbada (Keys)
BottleBash (Percussion – tonal)
ThudBass (Bass)
Buzzimba (Keys)
Warm Pad (Pad)
MutedGuitar (Leads)

How to install the OMEGA Vital Presets

I highly recommend you watch the installation video above which clearly shows how to install Vital preset banks.

Vital Presets Install Instructions Manual

  1. Navigate to your download folder and unzip the “OMEGA Vital Presets“-folder.
  2. Load your DAW (Logic, Studio One, Ableton Live, Bitwig etc.)
  3. Insert the Vital plugin on a track in your DAW 2. Open the Vital user interface.
  4. In Vital select the MENU (hamburger icon at the top-middle).
  5. In the MENU select “Import Bank“.
  6. Navigate to your download folder and find the OMEGA folder you unzipped earlier.
  7. Select the “Mattias Holmgren OMEGA.vitalbank” file and select Open.
  8. Vital will now import and create a new preset folder called “Mattias Holmgren OMEGA”.
  9. In the preset browser of Vital select the “Mattias Holmgren OMEGA”-folder and choose a preset to load from the list of presets.
  10. DONE!

Mattias Holmgren

Mattias Holmgren is a creative director sailing from Sweden – business owner of Morningdew Media. Visit Mattias YouTube with videos on music, creative sound design, graphics and brand development. Check out the Resources Page if you want to know what gear i use. Join my exclusive community:

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