Engine Sound Design Plugin IGNITER Demo & Review (2019)

Engine Sound Design Plugin – Igniter by Krotos Audio

Engine Sound Design Plugin IGNITER from Krotos Audio will boost your post production sound design to new levels. It’s very hard to create authentic vehicle sounds. I’ve been creating motor sounds for several motor sports games and know how hard it is to nail a believable engine sound.

If you are working with sound design for films or games IGNITER is THE definite sound design toolbox.

Importantly, IGNITER is a full blown package with over 20 performable vehicles. Furthermore, this vehicle engine plugin also includes a multitude of car foley sounds, tire squeels and much more.

The ultimate post-production engine plugin

From the soft idle hum to full throttle, IGNITER allows you to fully control the engine as if you were driving a car, motorcycle, helicopter or an epic space ship. With IGNITER you can emulate racer cars and the pristine electronic engines of the modern Tesla. Connect a midi controller and perform the vehicle to your film or game cinematic visuals.

Much more than a car engine sound simulator

IGNITER takes you closer to the real world experience. The plugin is at heart made up of four powerful sound engines. These sound engines can be used in conjunction to create authentic vehicle performance setups. Furthermore, there are eight modulation sources in IGNITER that can be attached to any parameter of the four sound engines.

The four engines of IGNITER vehicle sound plugin

Learn more about IGNITER from Krotos Audio in the demo and review video.

Igniter Demo and Review. Vehicle Sound Design Plugin

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