How to score action scenes - Film scoring for beginners e05

How to score action scenes – Film Scoring for beginners E05

In the latest Film scoring for beginners episode 5 we look at how to score action scenes!

Welcome to Film Scoring For Beginners episode 5. In this episode we look at how to score action scenes in a film. Todays film score is from the short film, Bag of bones. A film I scored a few years back.

This action film score consists of two distinct parts; a suspenseful introduction which leads into the actual action cue.

How to compose action music for film scores

In this film scoring for beginners video we talk about the composing process behind action music.

How do we find a suitable tempo? What instruments and sounds to use for action music? Why is question / answer and dynamics important throughout the music cue?

Furthermore, we talk about what kind of chords and notes one can use to build suspense and action.

How do we drive the scene forward? How to build momentum in the music?

Obviously, there are million ways to score an action scene, I’m not an expert, but this is one possible way of approaching an action scene.

Neptune - Alchemy presets for Logic Pro X
Neptune – Alchemy preset pack

About the film – Bag Of Bones

Bag Of Bones (An AJP Productions short film:
Director: Aurélien Lainé
Director of Photography: Michael Lindberg
Producers: Aurélien Lainé & Hee-Young Sunwoo.
Music: Mattias holmgren.


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