Diabolical Lilith

Diabolical Lilith – New Album Release

I’m proud to announce my latest album release, Diabolical Lilith!

Video on Diabolical Lilith!

Diabolical Lilith

This album is a collection of 34 orchestral songs. Diabolical Lilith features some of my most dramatic music scores.

What inspired me to write Diabolical Lilith?

You will find inspiration from medieval melodies, choral voice music, Diablo, The Witcher… and some of the most epic games I grew up playing. 90% of the album was composed in Logic Pro X with various orchestral libraries, acoustic instruments and percussion. 10% of the album was composed in Bitwig Studio.

I began writing some of these cues as far back as 2009! So it’s been many years in the making. Hope you enjoy this dramatic score!

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Diabolical Lilith
Diabolical Lilith album cover.

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