Playful Math (Lek och lär med matte)

Playful Math - Lek och lär med Matte

From the creators of Nisse Playful, a brand new educational app! This time we focus on mathematics. In the spirit of "Nisse" we set a calm pace so that children can solve the tasks without a ticking clock. Go exploring in a fairytale forest where you encounter different math problems to solve.

The game is divided into 10 difficulty levels. From simple addition and subtraction to more difficult multiplication and division. In the game there are many fun elements to compliment the adventure and motivate kids to continue the trip.

Play melodies in the menu with different instruments, switch hats by tapping on your figure (if you collected some hats) and more.

* Supports English and Swedish language.
* Complies with GDPR (we do not store any personal data)
Age: 4+


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