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FREE Creative Guide – Boost your skills!

Want to level up your creative producer skills and never run out of ideas? Time to get the FREE Creative Guide!

I compiled some of my greatest tips for creatives in a tight package called the Creative Producer Guide. Are you an artist, composer or graphics designer who want to boost your creativity? Are you looking for creative inspiration? This guide is for YOU!

Furthermore, in the guide you gain access to inspiring topics to build your artistic confidence and career.

The Creative Guide – Topics

  • Boost your creative mindset
  • Turn the bad into good
  • Inspiration and reference collections
  • Build your artist brand
  • Picking the right name for your brand
Creative Booster Guide 2019 - Free Download

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Creative Guide 2019
Creative Booster Guide 2019…triangles, yes indeed! They’re like everywhere!

What’s the Free Creative Guide about?

The Creative Booster Guide focus on the mindset of a creative.

Firstly, it’s a collection of inspirational tips for creatives. Secondly, you will get some tools to defeat writers block. Moreover, we talk about artist branding and your social profile. In conclusion, the idea is to give you a solid direction to build your confidence and artistic brand.

Is the Free Creative Guide for me?

My hope is that it will inspire you to see things with fresh eyes. Importantly, I want to spark ideas on how to approach your craft.

This guide is written with a broad perspective on the creative process and obstacles we face as creators. Furthermore, you learn how to tackle real life situations. In conclusion, you learn how to get going faster with focus and confidence.

The Creative Booster Guide is Suitable for artists, musicians, composers, sound designers, illustrators, graphics designers and entrepreneurs.

When you start on a new project and the page is blank. It’s easy to get the freeze / writers block and fall down the famous rabbit hole. Download the guide and give it a spin before you start creating.

Creative Guide 2019 - Mindset
Hmmm…what if I zoom out a little bit?

Why the Free Creative Booster Guide?

I created this guide to help you take the big leap upwards with great confidence. Those first stumbling steps can be daunting, I know. Above all, my hope is that these shared, real life tips will give you a new perspective.

During my years as a creative I’ve absorbed various ways of working and thinking. Importantly, I think it’s crucial we have the right tools when working in this field. This guide has been long in the planning. Finally, early 2019 I started to gather my notes and begin this inspirational document for creatives.

Boost Your Creativity With Creative Booster Tips

My approach is that there is always something new to learn. The journey really has no end. It’s always good for your personal growth to let yourself be inspired by new ideas, colors and shapes around you. Don’t lock the door and NEVER stop trying.

Importantly, don’t be afraid to fail. Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

If we fail on a venture we get important information on what works and what does not work. Above all, this is some valuable information to tune in your material for the next interation.

In conclusion, the win is just postponed a bit along your path. Have faith on your journey.

Welcome to the party!

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