Phase Plant Review

Phase Plant Review – New Modular VST synth from Kilohearts

Welcome to the Phase Plant Review, a new modular VST synth plugin.

I recently got the Phase Plant synth from Swedish plugin company Kilohearts. The expectations wasn’t very high, since I hadn’t heard about Kilohearts before they reached out to me. But boy was I surprised to find this hidden gem among upcoming synths. When it comes to synthesis, I really believe that Phase Plant is in par with the competition like Serum, Omnisphere 2 and UVI Falcon.

In this Phase Plant review and video I talk about the various features of the VST plugin that makes it a really interesting newcomer.

Phase Plant Review – The Best Modular VST Synth 2019?

Phase Plant – Overview

When you first open up Phase Plant you will notice the sleek interface. The grey (not too dark) tone reminds me of the first time I opened up Bitwig Studio. We will come back to the colours of Phase Plant later in this review. We have three main areas which is presented with a “non-obtrusive” text.

The main user interface areas of Phase Plant

  • Generators
  • Modulators
  • Effects

While many synths that come out try different approaches to achieve a compelling user experience (UX). It’s not that often you see a solution that works. A solution that makes the experience of creating sounds compelling. Apparently the devs that developed Phase Plant really experimented on finding something that will both help us learn synthesis and work faster.

Phase Plant Factory Presets

So what’s the first thing you do when trying out a new synth? Yeah, you load up the factory bank and browse through some presets. This way you get to hear (and see) the synth in action. At the same time you also get to know the basics of the synth by looking at some pre-defined synth patches.

The quality of the presets are very high. In the Phase Plant factory bank you find patches designed by Kilohearts AND from renowned artists like ArtFX. Phase Plant bass patches are raw, dirty and in-your-face. Perfect for modern EDM bangers.

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