How to make your edm drop bigger - Bitwig Tutorial

How to make your EDM Drop Bigger

Future Bass Tutorial video – How to make your EDM DROP Bigger.

How to make your EDM Drop Bigger?

In this video we talk about how to make your EDM drop sound bigger. This is a general tip that works in any kind of DAW and genre. Nonetheless in this tutorial we are using Bitwig Studio to make all the audio edits in our mix.


You just wrote that super epic drop, now what?

What is the first thing we could do to help clean up our mix after creating our great drop with epic synths covering the whole frequency spectrum?

A great trick is to bounce and chop up those layered synth stacks to cut out reverb tails for a more clean and modern sound. Thus we make room for other sounds to pop out and hit the listener. This is a very common practise among EDM artists (like Seven Lions, Said the sky, Illenium etc.).

Make sure to try it out on your tracks for a tight professional sound! You will end up with a more clear and hard hitting EDM drop chorus. You want your music vibrant and clean.

Don’t leave your music mix as a sloppy mess. Those days are way behind. Be bold, be professional with your mixing decisions.

Gelhein – Fly – about the song in the tutorial

Fly – is a new single that I am working on featuring a vocalist called Nicole Carino from the US / Nashville. The song is a future bass kind of chill verse meets hard banging chorus with an uplifting melody.

The lyric has a strong message to have faith along your journey in life. You can read more about designing the cover for the single, Fly, in this article – How to design album cover graphics in Affinity Designer for iPad.

How to make your sounds hit harder:

1. Create a group of the synth layers in your drop. Leave the bass for a separate track for more control of your low-end. Then bounce the group to a brand new audio track and mute the old group.

2. In the new audio track, chop the audio in rhythm with your beat and drums. Cut reverb tails right before another sound / lead / drumfill is supposed to “answer” the first melody. Make sure to leave some reverb / delay tails at some places where there is room. But you want to have a clean mix without too many sounds happening at the same time.

Let your music breath!

3. Add some pitch / width / pan and filter automation to the chopped audio clips on the new audio track to make it even more interesting and evolving to your track.

4. Your EDM banger is ready to rock! And that is a general tip of how to make your EDM drop bigger!


Mattias Holmgren / Creative Director
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