How to make a track without losing mojo - with Omnisphere 2.5

How to make a track without losing mojo – with Omnisphere 2.5

[VIDEO] How to make a track without losing mojo with Omnisphere 2.5.

In this episode we talk about how to make a track without losing mojo. We are take a further look into what Omnisphere 2.5 has to offer and create a Future Bass track from scratch. I urge you to keep momentum up and not get stuck in details.

Progress without worrying about picking the exact right sounds.

Keep things simple in the beginning while you are writing the song. You do not want to be exhausted by not finding the right sounds or exact arrangement.

Just go with the flow and create while you have the mojo! You can always go back in another session and revise, change sounds, flip samples and redo parts that you find boring.

Importantly, it’s a vital part of the creative process to come back with fresh ears. While you rest and think of other things your brain still works unconsciously on the song. Solving problems without your active participation.

At least for me, there have been plenty of times when I left a problem unsolved. Went to bed, started reading a book. Then when I put down the book and shut the lights, another light is lit within my brain. And I get an idea solving the problem, or a workaround I did not think about before.

We are working in Logic pro X this time. I like to work in multiple DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) to keep things fresh and my mind sharp. It can ease up your creative blocks, and give you instant inspiration for new songs and sounds.


Composing the track with simple sounds.

With Omnisphere 2.5 we create a chord sound by using the granular mode, which I think is a neat trick that also works with the synth waveforms. =) We create a sub bass and a melody and some other sounds to fit the song. After setting the foundation of synths and a melody it’s time to create the beat. So we throw in some kicks and claps to build a chill beat to fit the track.


Layer your tracks with organic foley sounds to make it come alive.

To make things more interesting we layer the clap with some organic wood samples from my Found Sounds Pack #1 sample pack. 

This foley wood sound layered on top of the clap gives the summed percussive hit some wideness and stereo spread. It’s a great trick that I use in all of my tracks. Layer stuff = interesting sounds!


Create sounds that fill a specific frequency pocket will make mixing a breeze!

While creating the sounds we make sure that they fit a specific “pocket” within the frequency spectrum so that we get a well balanced mix. I show you how to make the 8 bar loop into a more fleshed out arrangement of intro – verse and drop / chorus.

Let me know what you think of the video format and I would love to hear what you make with these tips and tricks. I hope you like this video about how to make a track without losing momentum. Many thanks for watching!

Kind regards,

Mattias Holmgren / Creative Director @ Morningdew Media

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