Bitwig Studio sale 10% discount code

Looking to buy Bitwig Studio with a special 10% sale discount? You can buy Bitwig Studio via my affiliate links below.

Use the discount code “MATTIAS” to get 10% discount upon checkout!

NOTE: Discount code only valid until 2022-04-22!

Purchase Bitwig Studio via my affiliate links

Bitwig Studio sale discount code

Don’t forget to use my discount code “MATTIAS” upon checkout for that sweet 10% discount on the regular Bitwig Studio price!

How do I use the Bitwig discount code?

Firstly, click one of the Bitwig Studio affiliate links above. Secondly, in the Bitwig store click “I have a discount code” and enter the 10% discount code “MATTIAS”. The price will update and you can proceed in your purchase! Congratulations!

Is there a discount code for Bitwig renewal plan?

Yes, my discount code “MATTIAS” is valid for both new Bitwig users and for the 12-month renewal plans! Use it whenever you buy or upgrade your Bitwig Studio license to get 10% off the regular price!

Furthermore, you can even use the 10% discount code when you upgrade from Bitwig 8-track to Bitwig Studio!

NOTE: DIscount code only valid until 2022-04-21 because Bitwig decided to cancel the discount code system for affiliates.

Why do I get a better price using your link and code?

As a long time Bitwig Studio YouTuber content creator and instructor I am part of a special affiliate program in collaboration with Bitwig Studio. This way you can get this really sweet deal via my link and discount code!

Why should I use your Bitwig Studio affiliate links?

In short, to support my Bitwig Studio YouTube channel!

Importantly, whenever you buy via my affiliate links I earn a small portion of the sales. It helps me to drive my YouTube channel and create awesome Bitwig Studio video tutorials and instruction videos to help you learn the Bitwig DAW.

My channel is all about creative inspirational content, I want to help you become a better producer!

Thanks for supporting my work! And enjoy your Bitwig Studio DAW license!

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