Bitwig Studio Basics Video Tutorials

Bitwig Studio Basics Tutorials

Learn all about the modern Bitwig Studio DAW in the Bitwig Studio Basics Tutorials Series. This is the fastest way to learn Bitwig. Get started quickly and learn all the important features today!

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Learn Bitwig Studio with the Bitwig Masterclass
Learn Bitwig Studio in the Bitwig Masterclass

In this page you will find all the videos that we produced for the Bitwig Basic Series. All collected in one convenient space for you to learn at your own pace. Enjoy the modular world of Bitwig Studio!

Bitwig Basics E01 – User Interface Overview

Bitwig Basics E02 – Device Browser
Bitwig Basics E03 – Clip Launcher & Arrangement View
Bitwig Basics E04 – Modulators & Nested Devices
Bitwig Basics E05 – Modulators Part 2.
Bitwig Basics E06 – Instrument Layers & Container Devices
Bitwig Basics E07 – Midi Editing, Piano Roll & MPE data.
Bitwig Studio Basics E08 – Audio Editing like a PRO!
Bitwig Basics E09 – Drum Machine, multi out, mixing, groove shuffle.
Bitwig Workflow & Best Practise. Bitwig Studio Basics E10
Bitwig Studio Basics E11 – Time Stretching & Audio Warping
Bitwig Studio Basics E12 – How to install third party presets and organise presets!
Bitwig Studio Basics E13 – Modulators. How to use them all!
Bitwig Studio Basics E14 – Live Looping tutorial.
Bitwig Studio Basics E15 – Midi CC & Orchestral VSTs. How to connect your midi controller to Bitwig Studio.
Make Beats like a Bitwig Pro Producer, featuring Maschine Jam controller.
Bitwig Hardware synth integration part 1 – Connect synths via midi.
Bitwig & Analog Hardware Synth integration tutorial video. CV Gate, CV Trig.
How to make Trap Beats in Bitwig Studio.
Bitwig Studio Tips – Sampler Cycles Mode.
Bitwig 3.1 Update. Micro-pitch Tutorial + Pitch-12 granular tips and tricks.
Bitwig Vocoder like Imogen Heap’s Hide and Seek.
Clip Launcher vs Arranger in Bitwig Studio.
Default Template Setup in Bitwig Studio Basics E18.
Bitwig 3.2 Beta – What’s New?
How to sidechain in Bitwig Studio 3.
Sound Design For Beginners E01 – Bitwig Sampler Cycles mode
Scale guide & scale helper in Bitwig Studio
Volume and Gain editing in Bitwig Studio

Why learn Bitwig Studio?

Bitwig is one of my main tools for composing music and creating unique sound designs. If you want to explore a modern way of composing, Bitwig is the way to go.

I’ve been working with music production for games and films since 2003 and during the years I’ve been using most of the top production DAWs on the market. When I found Bitwig I was stunned at the stability and features that Bitwig offers.

The program is designed by developers from the highly acclaimed Ableton Live DAW. So you can expect the best parts of Ableton but with a more modern design and intuitive interface.

When I found Bitwig I was stunned at the stability and features that Bitwig offers.

Bitwig Studio Basics Tutorials

When I started learning about Bitwig Studio I found only few videos on YouTube. And none of the videos was geared towards brand new users and was mostly done in a hurry without proper planning. Therefore, I created the Bitwig Basics Series. A collection of videos which will guide a beginner to understand the interface and concepts of Bitwig.

The modulation available via the Device Modulators in Bitwig Studio gives plenty of options to breathe life into sterile electronic music pieces. Furthermore, the stability of Bitwig and it’s way of handling plugins is really second to none.

Programmable Clip Launching

With regular DAWs and samplers you can often only let clips launch in a linear row, one after another. With Bitwig you have the option to control how and when to launch clips.

Quick Clip Launch programming example:

Let one clip launch and then after two bars randomise and play a new clip in that track. This really gives you interesting and less boring songs. It’s a fun way of coming up with totally new sound scapes. Try it out!

The random clip launch feature is explained in the video Bitwig Basics E03 – Clip Launcher & Arrangement View.

A great companion to Bitwig for sequencing beats is the Maschine Jam from Native Instruments. I made an article and video on using the Maschine Jam with Bitwig to create unique beats. In the article I explain in detail the advantage of using Maschine Jam for step sequencing and automation control in Bitwig.

Learn more about the Bitwig Studio 3.0 update and the Grid here.

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