Maschine Plus Review – Standalone music production

Native Instruments latest Maschine, the Maschine Plus is a standalone version of the Maschine experience. The Maschine finally comes with a built-in computer so you can finally experience the Maschine workflow completely standalone from an external computer.

The Maschine Plus goes for £1,099 €1,299 $1,399 depending on your country and region. Check here (Amazon) for latest prices. I know the price is steep. Is the Maschine Plus worth it’s price?

What’s covered in the Maschine Plus review video?

In this Maschine Plus review we will talk about some important aspects you need to know before you go and buy the latest Maschine.

  • How good is the integrated CPU?
  • Is the Maschine Plus good enough for general music production purpose?
  • Can we load up enough Massive, Prism and Monark plugins on the Maschine Plus?
  • What’s the general workflow of the Maschine Plus?
  • Installation process and load-times?

I’ll try to cover these questions in the video below:

Maschine Plus Review video. Watch before you buy!

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