Bitwig Masterclass now available

Bitwig Masterclass – learn to produce with the Bitwig Studio DAW!

It’s finally here! The Bitwig Masterclass is a full course tailored to beginner and intermediate producers who want to learn the full potential Bitwig Studio! Truly one of the most exciting DAWs on the market today!

Bitwig Masterclass overview video

I made a Bitwig Masterclass overview video here explaining the course outline and what you get when you enroll the Bitwig Masterclass.

Bitwig Masterclass overview video – learn what’s included in the course?

What’s included in the Bitwig Masterclass?

Access to the Bitwig Masterclass Video Tutorials pumped with tips and tricks!

17 Episodes, 1 hour 55 minutes playtime in crisp 4K video quality.

Bitwig presets – Producer Essentials Pack Vol 1 for Bitwig Studio (worth €25!)

Sound pack 1 – Catalyst Risers (worth €12)

Sound pack 2 – Analog Coast Kit (worth €12)

Exclusive Discord channel for QA (Question Answers related to the masterclass)

+ Additional episodes coming december 2021!

Mattias Holmgren

Mattias Holmgren is a creative director sailing from Sweden – business owner of Morningdew Media. Visit Mattias YouTube with videos on music, creative sound design, graphics and brand development. Check out the Resources Page if you want to know what gear i use. Join my exclusive community:
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