Dodge Pro review

Dodge Pro review – volume shaping plugin

Duck, because here comes Dodge Pro. 😉

We can all agree that side-chaining and volume gating is essential in music.

If you want a really impactful mix you need to balance that kick & bass to be just right! When done right the mix sounds much more powerful!

Dodge Pro review

I recently reviewed the Dodge Pro volume shaping plugin from W.A.Production which is a life-saver when it comes to side-chaining and rhythmical effects.

Dodge Pro handles everything from simple ducking, side-chaining to more complex multi-segment-envelopes. The plugin even features a multi-band processing setup so you can process each of three bands with a separate volume envelope curve

Dodge Pro – Volume shaping plugin from W.A.Production

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Multi-band volume envelopes in Dodge Pro

What makes Dodge Pro unique is the multi band split. Dodge pro can split your audio into three frequency bands and process each of these bands with a separate volume envelope.

This can create everything from interesting phasing effects to more profound rhythmical gatings if you use sharp envelopes.

Each band can be soloed, muted and level-adjusted. And the band split points can be adjusted via the graphical interface.

Dodge Pro also shows a level / gating meter for each band so you can easily see what’s going on with each band in your frequency spectrum.

Dodge Pro volume shaping plugin review
Dodge Pro user interface!


Ducking, side-chaining and creating nice volume envelopes shouldn’t be tricky, and Dodge Pro lets us do this with ease. It’s not a heavy plugin on the CPU and you get one of the best volume envelope shapers (with multi-band support) for a bargain!

Buy Dodge Pro

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