catalyst risers sound effects pack

Catalyst Risers Sound Effects Pack

This sample pack is all about epic and dramatic risers. From exciting saturated EDM banger risers, vocal riser effects to more subtle and delicate riser effects. This sound pack will satisfy all your build up and riser effect needs for your modern music productions.

Catalyst Risers contains regular .wav samples that you can drop into any DAW for instant gratification!

Enhance your tracks with uplifting risers today!

Catalyst Risers – Sound Effects Pack Walkthrough & demo video.

Catalyst Risers demo video

In the demonstration video above I show some of the different samples contained in Catalyst Risers Sound Effects Pack. We listen to both long and short risers and build ups. Furthermore we demo the sound effects in two different music cues. First in a downtempo Future Bass track, and then in a more up-tempo 170 bpm Drum and Bass track.

What’s in the Catalyst Risers Sound Effects Pack?

The pack contains everything from saturated epic hard hitting risers to more subtle risers. If you want even more subtle and soft transitions sounds you can also check out the Woosh Transition Pack #1 also available in our webstore.

Catalyst Risers Sound Pack

➜ +120 Riser samples in .wav format 

➜ Various BPM tempos, a few with fixed pitch.

➜ 44.1 khz 16 – 24bit.

➜ Folders:
Risers Deadstop (73)
Risers Short With Trail (11)
Risers With Trail (43)

How to create transitions and risers?

If you want to learn more about how to create your own personal risers and transitions you can check out this article:
Transition techniques in music production

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