Best DAW 2019

Best DAW 2019

During the past 25 years I’ve been working in multiple DAWs. Starting with early Cubase over to Logic Pro X. With a quick visit to Studio One and the customisable Reaper. Furthermore, I did some year trying out Pro Tools.

And then going back to my roots with trackers (hi, Equinox Pro Tracker) to FL Studio.

I know, FL is not a tracker by all means, but you do work with patterns.

Then finally decided I would work in multiple DAWs. Because they all rule in different areas.

My personal top 3 DAWs

Bitwig Studio – For electronic music and sound experimentation. You can compose with a smile in this modern, stable and intuitive DAW environment.

Logic Pro X – Hands down the best DAW package when it comes to composing for film and video. The bundled sound package and plugins are top notch quality. With Logic you also get a very powerful synth in the Alchemy Synth which is now part of Logic.

It has great video integration and I’ve scored several shortfilms and trailers with Logic as my main tool. You can even export the audio directly to the video! No need for extra apps just to get the audio back into the video before you send it to the game- or film-director.

FL Studio – FL will let you compose quickly and get the ideas out in a heartbeat. It also has the best piano roll I’ve ever worked. The downside of FL Studio is really that it demands more out of the user when it comes to organization. It’s easy to get lost with 100 of patterns and list items which you may or may not use. But if you learn how to keep organized it’s a breeze to work with.

I’ve always been on the lookout for new features in the DAWs that will ease up the workflow for composing and creating interesting music. Much has happened since the first baby steps in Digital Audio Workstations and today we have some really interesting modular systems coming up. They feature multiple ways of composing both linear and in a non-linear way.

So what is the best DAW in 2019?

Check my videos below and learn all about my favourite DAW in 2019. In the video I talk about the 5 reasons why I like this digital audio workstation.

The best DAW 2019 for music production and sound design.
Best DAW 2019 – Bitwig Studio 3.0 HUGE UPDATE!

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