Nisses Music - Sound match and music making app

Sound match and music making app released for iOS devices

Sound match and music making app released!
We are proud to reveal our latest iOS app release today – Nisses Music – Sound Match and music making.

Welcome to the sound playground!
Nisses Music is a 3-in-1 game with Sound Match, Groovebox and an awesome Augmented Reality mode. Made for kids and young adults as a fun play and learn experience in the wonderful world of Nisse Playful.

Practise your sound recognition memory with the Sound Match game, beat the best hiscores.Unleash your creativity in the Groovebox and explore rhythmic and melodic ideas.Learn what different instruments sounds like.Make Nisse a part of your livingroom with the augmented reality mode.
* Available for iPad and iPhone

Download Nisses Music from iTunes App Store Download Nisses Music- Sound Match!

Mattias Holmgren

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