Alchemy Presets Pack NEPTUNE

Alchemy Preset Pack – NEPTUNE released

The Alchemy Preset Pack NEPTUNE is a MUST OWN library for everyone that uses Alchemy inside of Logic Pro X!

NEPTUNE adds excellent new production-ready patches to the Alchemy synth in Logic. In NEPTUNE for Alchemy you will find Majestic Pads, Tropical House Flute stabs, Tonal Percussive sounds, Kalimbas and much more.

Check out the sound demos below and hear how cool the NEPTUNE library is. If you own Logic Pro X, this will seriously give you a boost of sounds and knowledge in how to use Alchemy and make it a GO TO synthesizer for your music productions!

Note: Requires Logic Pro X version 10.4.2 or later for 100% compatibility.

NEPTUNE for Alchemy sound demos

Lagoona – Majestic Pad, swirling and morph via transformer-pad in Alchemy.
Eureka Soft Pad – Hear how the pad evolves and explodes into a majestic pad when we work the transform-pad!
Pluto – Lead Synth morphing with transformer-pad of Alchemy.
Subconscious – Drone / Pad – Play sparingly and morph with transformer-pad in Alchemy.
IcelandSerenade – Lush majestic pad with swirling elements.
ChunkFlutez – Tropical House flute – in the demo we go from long epic flute to a more snappy flute with short attack.
CrystalCarvan – Dreamy granular pad, transform-pad brings further movement (pulse) and filter.
CliffPush – Trance Synth Arpeggiated
AcousticHarm – Tonal Percussive Guitar Slap evolves with the transform-pad of Alchemy.
BambooStab – Tropical House Flute / Synth Stab
Kalimba 2 – Kalimba – nice variations and morph via transform-pad in Alchemy.
BassPad – Deep Bass pad, Transform-pad brings in additional layer.
BreathSnap – Lead
CottonCough – Arpeggiated Synth
CuteFill – Grain rain, a granular film score patch.
FluteBottle – Tropical House Flute morphs into a caribbean kinda flute with the transformer-pad in Alchemy.
DullRuff – Synth Arp
Leader – Lead synth transforming into a pluck. Works great when side-chained to kick.
FillerSwirl – FX
MCHamma – Lead Bass / Synth morphing from a thumping sound to a more open lead.
StringBackDrop – String patch useful for background string pads.
TubbyBass – Bass
Neptune - Alchemy presets for Logic Pro X
Get NEPTUNE for the Alchemy synth.

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