why your drum beats sound boring

Why Your Drum Beats Sound Boring – Improve Your Beats

Why Your Drum Beats Sound Boring

Why Your Drum Beats Sound Boring? In this video and article we look at how to improve your beats and make them pop in a mix. I show you a powerful trick with saturation that will instantly make your drum beats stronger.

Why your drum samples lack power. Learn how to improve your sound today!

Why Your Drum Beats Sound Boring!

In the video we talk about the problem about using un-processed samples versus processed samples. And how we can take a weak sample, and make it hyped and in-par with the processed beats you hear on the radio (read – Spotify).

How does overdrive work?

In this video you learn all about how the overdrive effects the waveform and audio. Overdrive, also sometimes called saturation which is basically a softer kind of distortion really brings the meat out from your samples. Furthermore the perceived volume of the sounds will be dramatically increased by the saturation.

Learn about saturation and improve your beat mix.

How can we achieve a more upfront / in-the-face sound? What does saturation actually do to our sound?

Human hearing is very sensitive to the frequency range of 2khz to 5khz. That’s how our brain and ears are wired for speech recognition which is rudimentary and fundamental for our communication. If we can add frequency content in this range in our samples they will be perceived as louder to the listener. It’s time to reach for some saturation and overdrive to give our waves some punch!

Great plugins to improve your boring beats.

Let’s talk about some free and payed plugins which will enhance your beats. One really simple solution to improve your beats is to grab Bitwig Studio. With Bitwig 3 you get some really powerful plugins – Poly Grid and Grid FX. The grid runs at 4x oversampling and thus generates very pristine quality sounds and effects. In this video I show how one single device within the Grid (distortion module) can help drive more punch into your beats and samples.

Another great free saturation plugin is the MSaturation from Melda, it’s just so smooth with great control over the harmonics to really tune in that sound you are looking for. Just watch the video and listen!

The best free saturation plugin 2019.


Sometimes you come across a free plugin which is in par with commercial products. MSaturator is one of those vst plugins. This is a really powerful vst saturation plugin with great harmonic controls. The result is pleasant and smooth.

Head Crusher.

This one is a bit more ballsy and actually start to apply overdrive instantly as you add the plugin to your track. Head Crusher has a warmer and scoped sound. It works on many sounds and instantly adds character. More colorful than the MSaturator. Spice carefully!

Camel Crusher.

Very punchy and mid-range gritty tube distortion. This is also very colorful. It also has a second knob for Mech, which will hard clip your audio signal and almost turn them into square waves. This is some sick processing at your fingertips. Then again, a VERY colorful vst saturation plugin.

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