Rings of power music analysis – Film Scoring for beginners episode 8

Welcome to the rings of power music analysis. This is a complete breakdown and music analysis of the Rings Of Power opening theme from the Amazon Prime series. I picked out the theme by ear, arranged and produced the cue in Logic Pro for the episode so there might obviously be differences between the original cue and my version, but it’s a great way to dissect and learn how a song was made!

Rings of power music analysis

In the rings of power music analysis you will learn how the song was composed and arranged. I believe it’s crucial to study great themes and songs by master composers (like Howard Shore) to learn and get an idea of what makes a great song.

RIngs of Power opening theme – midi file

DOWNLOAD Rings Of Power (MIDI file):

What do you learn from the Film Scoring for Beginners Episode 8 – Rings of power?

  • Melody writing tips.
  • Song structure & song arranging tips.
  • Harmony and voice leading ideas.
  • Instrumentation and sound design.
  • Counterpoint.
  • Instrument layering.
  • + much more!

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