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New app update Nisses Music sound match

New app update Nisses Music sound match.
Summer is closing in on us and we have two app updates going on in the studio aside from the consulting we are doing for Zordix and Turborilla. The game Aqua Moto Racing Utopia, which we scored some year ago will hit Xbox one tomorrow. The game will be released on May 4th and will be introduced with a discount. Be part of the first wave and get it in time for only $9.99!

Custom Sound Matches in Nisses Music

The first new app update adds a brand new game mode to Nisses Music Sound Match! The new mode is called “My sound match”. You will be able to record sounds into your iPad / iPhone and create your own custom sound match games.

Groovebox as a separate app

We will release a more powerful version of the step sequencer featured in Nisses Music as a separate app. This will focus more on the step sequencer and give you the possibility to select scale modes (Dorian, Ionian etc) for the steps. We have also done some testing with the possibility to adjust volume (and/or note value) for each step in the patterns, this might be added in a later update.

These more advanced features did not make sense to add to the current Nisses Music app since the app target audience is family / kids category and things should be simple and instant fun rather than getting lost in too deep technical features.
The name of this separate groovebox app will be revealed at a later date.


Mattias Holmgren

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