Make music with the Macbook touch bar - Samplr

Make Music with the MacBook Touch Bar

Did you ever wonder if it’s possible to make music with the MacBook Touch Bar? To me, the touch bar always felt like an obselete feature. Was it a huge miss from the Apple department? The touch bar does work nicely with Logic Pro X. But it’s as easy to just make the edits with the mouse / “regular” multi touch pad. So I’ve been trying hard to figure out if the touch bar really is worth it’s place at the top of the Mac Book Pro M1 I recently purchased…

While surfing the web the other day I found a nifty little app called – Samplr for touch bar.

Finally a useful app for the Macbook touch bar – Let’s make music!

Samplr transforms the touch bar into a sampler instrument with powerful playback modes like: slicer, looper, bow / granular and tape / scratch. I made a video on the Samplr app to show how fun and useful it makes the touch bar!

Make music with the MacBook Touch Bar

What is Samplr for touch bar?

Samplr originally is an app for the iPad with eight different playback modes and several deep features for sample manipulation. The Sampler for touch bar is an adoption of the iPad app to the MacBook Touch Bar with a slim user interface, but still a very powerful and fun music experience. The app comes with a folder of demo samples which you can instantly throw into the app and play fun beats or musical phrases.

While the app is a stripped down version of the more full Samplr iPad app, it still features a filter, delay and a very nice sounding reverb effect! All accessible with a spacebar-click. You can also transpose the samples up/down very quickly.

I instantly found use for Samplr in one of my onging song projects and recorded a track of granular sweeps via the “bow” mode. The Samplr app for touch bar is free so just go and grab it from

Have fun!

You can continue and read more about the MacBook Pro M1 for music production in my other article here.

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