EDM Drums Sample Pack - PEP Kit #1

EDM Drums Sample Pack – PEP Kit #1 released!

This is my latest EDM Drums Sample Pack – PEP Kit #1.

Firstly, the PEP Kit #1 Electronic Drums Sample Pack features a collection of hyped drum samples suitable for modern music production.

Secondly, in the pack you find 19 kicks, 15 snares and around 200 various percussive samples to boost your drum tracks.

More over, you get cool 808 bass samples with various amount of overdrive / saturation.

Alchemy Preset Bonus

As a bonus you also get the Producer Essentials Kit #1 preset revamped for the Alchemy synth in Logic Pro X. With this preset you can switch kicks and snares with a macro. And dynamically adjust the length of your hi-hat for some really intricate and live-sounding hi-hats.

Get the PEP Kit #1 EDM Drums Sample Pack.

Watch the video below to learn more about the PEP Kit #1 – The best EDM Drum Samples.

New EDM Drum Sample Pack.

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