Logic Pro 10.8 update

Logic Pro 10.8: Master Your Mix with AI! Explore Mastering Assistant, Beat Breaker, and Sample Alchemy for Ultimate Music Production πŸš€

Hey, music enthusiasts! Mattias here, and I’m thrilled to bring you the latest scoop on the Logic Pro 10.8 update. Brace yourselves, as this update is packed with game-changing features and enhancements that are set to revolutionize your music production experience.

Logic Pro 10.8 what’s new.

Mastering Assistant

Elevating Your Mixes with AI Let’s kick things off with the star of the show – the Mastering Assistant. This groundbreaking addition introduces an AI mastering tool that’s designed to refine and polish your mixes effortlessly. When activating the Mastering Assistant on the main output bus, it will analyze the song and provide an EQ curve suggestion. The Mastering Assistant offers various processing modes, from clean and valve to punch and transparent, allowing users to tailor the mastering to their specific preferences. Furthermore you can drive the loudness with dynamic options and stereo spread controls. The Mastering Assistant’s loudness compensation feature ensures a fair comparison between the original and mastered versions, saving valuable time in the mastering process.

Beat Breaker

Beat Breaker is reshaping Audio for Modern Rhythms Next on the agenda is the Beat Breaker, a tool designed to shuffle and reorder audio for a contemporary sound. With Beat Breaker you can really manipulate your beats and toss the audio around as we can manipulate time, repeats, and volume independently. Giving the freedom to experiment with different patterns and styles. The Beat Breaker’s potential for intricate sound design makes it an exciting addition to Logic Pro’s toolkit.

Sample Alchemy

Transforming Audio into Playable Instruments with Sample Alchemy. The new plugin instrument allows users to turn any audio file into a playable instrument, opening up endless possibilities for creative sound design. Sample Alchemy has a clean interface with exciting options like classic loop, scrub, bow etc. The granular engine, play heads, and motion recording feature contribute to the tool’s versatility, showcasing its potential for crafting unique and dynamic sounds.

The motion recording is my favourite and reminds me of the Orb feature found in Omnisphere 2. It instantly give you cool morphing sounds.


Logic Pro 10.8 is undeniably a game-changer for music producers, and Mattias has given us an insightful tour of its new features. The Mastering Assistant, Beat Breaker, and Sample Alchemy each bring a unique dimension to the software, empowering users to enhance their creativity and efficiency in the music production process.

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