Film Scoring For Beginners #4 – Theme Variations

Welcome to film scoring for beginners episode 4. How do you transform an original melody into different moods? Learn music arrangement tricks that I use to awake certain moods in a film score.

Film Scoring for beginners episode 4. Theme Variations.

Film Scoring for beginners #4

In the Film Scoring for beginners episode 4 I show my work process when it comes to transforming music themes from one mood, to a totally different emotion. 

We begin with a quite happy / heroic original melody which we created in the “Melody inspiration” video.

Theme variations in film scoring

In the film scoring for beginners part 4 video, we talk about the process of adjusting an original melody into:

  • scary / mysterious theme
  • suspensful / thriller theme
  • nostalgic love theme
  • adventure / hero theme

I spent a lot of time figuring out and preparing this video and I hope it will be helpful to you as a composer. Even if you are not writing for film or games I think this “thinking process” is nice to know and explore for any music producer.

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