Alchemy Sound Design - Huge Leads in Logic Pro X.

Alchemy Sound Design Tutorial – Huge Lead Synths

I did a video on how to create huge epic lead synths with the Alchemy synth of Logic Pro X.

Alchemy Sound Design – Huge Leads in Logic Pro X.
Neptune - Alchemy presets for Logic Pro X
Neptune – Alchemy Presets for Logic Pro X.

Presets for Alchemy synth

Boost your preset bank for the Alchemy synth and check out – NEPTUNE.

Production Ready Instrument and Synth Presets for ALCHEMY with FREE lifetime updates.

NEPTUNE is a collection of lush granular instruments, organic evolving pads and much more!

Includes Lush Pads, Deep Basses, Beautiful Keys, Soaring Leads, Beautiful Ethnic Instruments (Flute, Kalimba) + much more. The NEPTUNE presets include carefully planned macro (performance) controls to help you sculpt and morph your sound.

Mattias Holmgren

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