The sound of Mad Skills BMX 2

The sound of Mad Skills BMX 2

The sound of Mad Skills BMX 2 revealed. The sequal to Turborillas critically acclaimed bicycle title, Mad Skills BMX 2 is now released for iOS & Android! We created the audio for the title including music, sound design and voice over production.

Electrical engine audio sampling & custom bicycle ramps

During the recording sessions we built a 9 feet high plywood ramp in the backyard to record authentic bikedrops with different bikes to find the perfect sound for the start drop. For the game we recorded a brand new sound library with everything from bikes with various wheel settings to 15 different electronic engines (Thanks Anton).

VST Instruments used in Mad Skills BMX 2

We also did some deeper synthesis with Omnisphere, Diva and Zebra 2 to create start horns, finishline confetti sounds and of course some custom patches for the music.

Composing the music for Mad Skills BMX 2

For the music we went wild and created some really tight and groovy cues suitable to the fun gameplay with a blend of organic and electronic instrument sounds.
Some of the instrument plugins we used to compose the music are Omnisphere and Zebra 2 which are close to our hearts for all kinds of sound design purposes.

The music was written and arranged in Logic Pro X and Bitwig Studio. They are my primary DAWs of choice for game composing and sound design.

If you don”t have Mad Skill BMX 2 yet, download it for free at!

Download Mad Skills BMX 2 on the App Store


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