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A few words from the developer

Dear Parent,

When I first began working on Nisse playful, my early intentions was to merge simple learning with the fun of games. As a father of two lovely kids myself, Elliot 5, Leia 3, I wanted to create a great app for exploring simple counting and colors. At the time, no other game in the App Store offered an app with these key ingredients.

I wanted to make an app with a mixture of:

  • * A game which gives compliments
  • * Good hi-quality speech
  • * Slow pace suitable for small kids
  • * A loveable character
  • * Nice and simple design
  • * Good replayability and variation of content

The porting of Lek och lär med Nisse from iOS to Android

In May 2014 I recruited my brother Nicklas Holmgren and we begun the porting of Nisse to the Android platform. We had to do a total conversion of Objective-C to C++ code. We also made some design adjustments and made sure we ended up with the same quality product on the Android platform.

The name “Nisse” comes from our fathers childhood friend, who sadly passed away in cancer early 2014.

Very many thanks for buying our digital toys!

Mattias Holmgren & Nicklas Holmgren

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