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We connect with your vision and craft quality content for the digital and analog world.


Summer Vacation

Before going on vacation we delivered some design mockups for Norra Skogsägarna and also a batch of folk lore inspired music cues for an upcoming game built by Breadcrumbs Interactive. The game is called YAGA and we got the direction to mix folk lore timbres with...

Norra Skogsägarna Video

You can now watch a video from Norra Skogsägarna with the new opening / closing animation, music cue and name plate we produced. The work was crafted with a mixture of Apple Motion 5, Blender and Affinity Designer.

SETT convention 2016

We will be at the SETT convention (Stockholm, Kista) in April 26 to meet with clients. SETT - Scandinavian Educational Technology Transformation. If you want to meet up and discuss apps and development please get in touch. Read more about SETT. We...

Morningdew Media is a creative media production company focused on user experience and interactivity.

Creative Media

We work with Unity and Cocos2D-x in our app development services to make sure the products can be spread across all major platforms.

High Class Music & Sound

We have worked with many renowned brands, bringing creative sound and music to the products for a polished touch!

We have +300 music tracks in our online database where you can browse for music suitable for your production.