Recent projects we worked on

  • Pocket Minions

    Pocket Minions - iOS game by SiuYiu.

  • Fishermans Friend

    Fisherman's Friends - Facebook game by Forsman & Bodenfors.

  • Nose Invaders

    Nose Invaders - iOS game by DFA.

  • Finest Hour

    Finest Hour - iOS game by Offworld Games.

  • Valet Parking 1989

    Valet Parking 1989 - Nintendo DSi game by Zordix.

  • Funny Faces

    Funny Faces - iOS app by DFA.

  • Monsteroom

    Monsteroom - iOS game by Perlo Games / Lakoo.

  • Sloto Lotto

    SLOTO LOTTO - facebook game by Peak Games.

  • Table Drum

    Table Drum - iOS app by Dohi Sweden.

  • Unicorn Rush

    Unicorn Rush - iOS game by Mind Juice Media.

  • Balloonatic

    Balloonatic - iOS game by Mind Juice Media.

  • Legion of the damned

    Legion of the damned - iOS game by Offworld games.

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Enjoy the music

Luminati OST - album

The soundtrack album for the iOS game Luminati at iTunes. 14 cinematic music tracks, available for only $9.99. Luminati is an award winning puzzle game for iOS devices and flash platform developed by Mattias Holmgren, Hans Rönnbäck and Nicklas Holmgren. The flash game was translated into 18 languages and is available on many international game portals. The album features all music within the iPhone game plus many bonus tracks. Fans of film scores, post-rock and dream-pop should seriously check out the album and support the music of Mattias Holmgren.

Luminati OST album at iTunes

What the clients say

“Working with Mattias is an enjoyable music creation experience. He is a great music composer to work with, not only because of the beautiful music he composed, but also the professional suggestion he provided to suit our needs. He is agile to changes and puntual for every delivery. We highly recommend Mattias for creating game music and look forward to cooperate with him on future projects. Thanks Mattias again for writing great music for our game!”

Melody Chu, Perlo Games hired Mattias as a composer.

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