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Summer sale & summer news

To celebrate the bright summer sun we threw a summer sale party. Lek och lär med matte, Lek och lär med Nisse and Luminati is currently 50% off regular price. So hurry up and get some entertaining apps for the holidays. Offer ends...

Snow Moto Racing Freedom released.

Snow Moto Racing was released on 2017-04-11 in the Playstation store. I was hired to write some heavy music for this action packed snow racer game. After retuning (down) my guitars and basses an extra notch I came up with a few really heavy and interesting...

Safety education game for LKAB by EducateSmart.

We had the pleasure to compose music and create sound design for a new safety education game developed by EducateSmart in collaboration with LKAB. Excerpt from LKAB pressmessage: LKAB is the first industrial company to launch an interactive safety...

Morningdew Media is a creative media production company focused on user experience and interactivity.

Creative Media

We work with Unity and Cocos2D-x in our app development services to make sure the products will translate great across all major platforms.

Modern Design Elements

We create compelling designs for media projects and smooth animations for games and video.

High Class Music & Sound

We have worked with many renowned brands, bringing creative sound and music to the products for a polished touch!

Browse through +300 music tracks in our online database and find music suitable for your specific production.