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New single song and showreel video

Mattias just released a new single called Marsiascope in time for the christmas holiday season! The song is a downtempo chillout track with a smooth vibe inspired by the idea of people migrating to Mars in the future to terraform the desolate planet. Marsiascope is...

Black Friday Sale - 50% off

Christmas is coming and Black friday is soon upon us. We give a 50% discount across all our iOS and Mac apps starting today, so hurry up and get some entertaining apps for the coming holidays. Offer ends 2017-11-27.

The secret of Gamejam

Just arrived back from Cyprus after a week of sunny vacation. The swedish summer was not that good this year so I needed to take a quick break in the sun with the family. It was a blast! At the moment I am finishing the third animation film for Norra...

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Morningdew Media is a creative media production company focused on user experience and interactivity.

Creative Media

We work with Unity and Cocos2D-x in our app development services to make sure the products will translate great across all major platforms.

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We create compelling designs for media projects and smooth animations for games and video.

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We have worked with many renowned brands, bringing creative sound and music to the products for a polished touch!

Browse through +300 music tracks in our online database and find music suitable for your specific production.