Mad Skills BMX 2

We were hired by Turborilla AB to create music and do some creative sound design on their new title Mad Skills BMX 2.
The client sent us gameplay videos which we then sound designed and iterated with the client to come up with a nice sound atmosphere to fit the awesome gameplay. Early on we decided to keep groovy music for the menu and finish / game over cues, since the gameplay levels are very quick and it could get repetitive fast. This gave us room to give every themed level a different and unique atmospheres to go with the specific location, like; desert, forest, junkyard, tropical etc. We also handled the voice over production with several american voice actors for different characters in the game.

...I actually built a starting drop ramp at our backyard to record a authentic bicycle drop after the count in... /Mattias

We recorded and sound designed everything from flamethrowers (yes, indeed very dangerous stuff) to coin drops, wind swirls, jumps, crashes.
The signal sound at the start is a synthesised start horn where we replicated all the details of a real start horn from a BMX competition within Bitwig and Zebra 2 software synthesizers.

The game is released and available on iOS and Android.

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