How to process vocals in the DAW

How to process vocals in the DAW

How to process vocals in the DAW is a common question. And it’s really something that can change depending on what type of singer and […]

how to set up komplete kontrol mk2 in studio one 4

Set Up Komplete Kontrol in Studio One 4

This article and video explains how to set up the Komplete Kontrol with Studio 4.5 for perfect DAW integration. The Komplete Kontrol mk2 S61 keyboard […]

Studio One 4.5 review & overview - Is this DAW for you?

Studio One 4.5 review & tutorial

Welcome to this Studio One 4.5 review & tutorial. The new update in Studio One 4.5 brings some new exciting functionality to Studio One. Studio […]

Film Scoring For Beginners Video Course

Film Scoring For Beginners Video Course

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How to make chord progressions more interesting

How to make better chord progressions

In this article and video you will learn some magical tricks to make chord progressions sound more interesting and beautiful. I will also reveal some […]

catalyst risers sound effects pack

Catalyst Risers Sound Effects Pack

This sample pack is all about epic and dramatic risers. From exciting saturated EDM banger risers, vocal riser effects to more subtle and delicate riser […]