Technical Metal from Umeå - Sweden.
Mattias Holmgren - morningdewmedia@gmail.com

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EMBRACING - welcome to the official page of the swedish metal band Embracing.


EMBRACING - Dreams left behind, digital album now distributed by cdbaby.com
At last you can get these two brilliant albums with EMBRACING, digitally remastered and now available as digital download! You can order individual songs as well as the whole albums through iTunes etc. Check them out!!!
EMBRACING - "Dreams left behind"
EMBRACING - "I bear the burden of time"
They will soon also appear in Spotify!
Trästockfestivalen (Skellefteå) 17 July 16.00.
We will play Trästocksfestivalen on friday 17:th of July.
Place: Campustältet
Time: 16.00
Bring your hair (or wig), earplugs and a big smile!
Embracing confirmed to play at Trästockfestivalen (Skellefteå) in July 2009.
We're going to play the Trästockfestivalen in Skellefteå in July. Exact date and time will be revealed very soon. Be sure to be there, since this might be the only gig we do this summer. The songs we will perform are probably: Stranger, Chased by a shadow, Rift, Precious discovery, Charade without any colours, Hit me hard and Three wishes...

Live lineup:
Guitar & voc: Mattias Holmgren
Guitar: Ilmo Venaja
Bass: Mikael Bauer
Drums: Nicklas Holmgren

Salut, Mattias

New song "Hit me hard"
I just uploaded a rough mix of a new EMBRACING song called "Hit me hard" to our myspace page. The song was originally recorded in 2003 but I never liked the sound and never did any vocals for it, so it was time to re-record the song and make some growls.


Member updates
We have just got ourselves a new rehearsal room in Skellefteå (which is quite nice), I've already recorded drums for a new track there.
Ronnie Björnström is no longer in the band. No hard feelings. We continue as planned with the writing of the new album.
Me and Peter Uvén have decided to put up some dates for getting together and write some brand new stuff also.


New simplistic design of the Embracing webpage
I thought it was time to put some energy into the design of this page. I haven't had time to finish this webpage in the last few months due to loads of work with my audio production company Morningdew Media. I've written 10 tracks (and 3 additional tracks) for the upcoming XBOX 360 title LEGIO which is developed by Ice Game Studios. It's a cool turn based strategy game which will rock your ass. Listen to some of the tracks over at my company web www.morningdewmedia.com
Anyways, I will finish this page in the coming days. It's a promise. =)


First breath alive
Hi folks, I hope you're having a nice christmas vacation. I hope to approach an identical atmosphere that we achived with "Rift". As some of you know we have begun recording "Neptune" a few times already, but somethings always get in the way of the production. I will rearrange some of the songs and this time the album will be finilized, sometime during 2008. I still have the raw tracks of the drums from the old rec-sessions, and maybe some of them will end up as bonus tracks or something. We will see what happens....
Anyways, I have also written a few brand new songs for Embracing! Their titles will be revealed soon with some heavy sound samples for all of you who Thirst For Blood.

A possible tracklist is:
Knowledge of Gelhein
Perfume of Lies
Three wishes
Charade without any colors
First breath alive Part 1
First breath alive Part 2
First breath alive Part 3
First breath alive Part 4
The gambler

Best wishes,
Mattias Holmgren

Embracing live lineup 2009
Embracing, dreams left behind cover artwork.