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Snow Moto Racing Freedom released.

Snow Moto Racing was released on 2017-04-11 in the Playstation store.

I was hired to write some heavy music for this action packed snow racer game. After retuning (down) my guitars and basses an extra notch I came up with a few really heavy and interesting tracks suitable for the races. Take a look and listen to the trailer and find out what the game is all about.

Read more about Snow Moto Racing at the Zordix webpage.

Safety education game for LKAB by EducateSmart.

We had the pleasure to compose music and create sound design for a new safety education game developed by EducateSmart in collaboration with LKAB.

Excerpt from LKAB pressmessage:

LKAB is the first industrial company to launch an interactive safety training and certification programme. Participants are trained in familiar settings and realistic situations. "At LKAB safety always comes first. We"re very pleased to be able to offer our co-workers an innovative training programme that employs gaming technology," says Jonny Snell, QEW coordinator at LKAB...

Read more about the safety education game at www.lkab.com

Safety Education Game

Black Friday Sale - 50% off

Christmas is coming and Black friday sale is upon us. We give a 50% discount across all our iOS, Mac and Android apps, so hurry up and get some entertaining apps for the coming holidays. Offer ends 2016-11-27.

Project updates

The past months we have been working with the concepts and designs of Vitec and Norra Skogsägarnas new websites.

Right now we are producing the sounds of Turborillas upcoming BMX title. We are also hard at work completing the first in a set of animated infographic films for Norra Skogsskolan. The project involves everything from storyboard to design, animation, voice over, sound and music.

Black Friday App Sale 2016

Summer Vacation

Before going on vacation we delivered some design mockups for Norra Skogsägarna and also a batch of folk lore inspired music cues for an upcoming game built by Breadcrumbs Interactive. The game is called YAGA and we got the direction to mix folk lore timbres with modern beats in a very cool unique mixture. Think Witcher 3 meets some deep hip hop.

We will be back and open the gates for new projects around 2016-08-01. Have a real nice summer everyone, see you on the beach!

Norra Skogsägarna Video

You can now watch a video from Norra Skogsägarna with the new opening / closing animation, music cue and name plate we produced. The work was crafted with a mixture of Apple Motion 5, Blender and Affinity Designer.