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The secret of Gamejam

Just arrived back from Cyprus after a week of sunny vacation. The swedish summer was not that good this year so I needed to take a quick break in the sun with the family. It was a blast!

At the moment I am finishing the third animation film for Norra Skogsskolan called "I skogen växer välfärden". I am also working with multiple game companies on music and sound for some new games. They will probably be officially announced sometime in 2018.

I had the pleasure to work with the film company AJP again from (South Korea) and finished the score for a new shortfilm called FENDER.

I got the new Maschine Mk3 from Native Instruments and have had tons of fun with it and I see many potential creative sound design possibilities for future projects. So it is now a defined part of my creative setup. Recorded a quick video while jamming out a chillout vibe song that I produced called Marsiascope.

Last weekend me and my brother Nicklas had a gamejam session and worked on a new game project we have been talking about for months. You can watch some character concepts and small animation clips on my twitter account.

Summer sale & summer news

To celebrate the bright summer sun we threw a summer sale party.
Lek och lär med matte, Lek och lär med Nisse and Luminati is currently 50% off regular price. So hurry up and get some entertaining apps for the holidays. Offer ends 2017-07-17.

Norra Skogsskolan, a brand new branch in Norra Skogsägarna recently launched and we are proud to reveal that we have been working with the design of the website. The work is a collaboration with Teknikhuset.

We are currently producing a set of animated films for Norra Skogsskolan, to be used in their educational courses. The first film, "Kretsloppet i den brukade skogen" (The cycle of the managed forest) is live.
In the film productions we are solely responsible for the concept design, storyboard, animation (in Blender and Apple Motion), music, voice over and creative sound design. Check it out here:
Kretsloppet i den brukade skogen

In June we started up some new interesting collaborations which we will reveal more about later. We also made some additional audio content for Mad Skills BMX 2 (courtesy of Turborilla).

We are closed for vacation during July and will be back in August with revitalized ideas.

Watch and listen to some of our awesome tracks on You Tube!

Norra Skogsskolan

Snow Moto Racing Freedom released.

Snow Moto Racing was released on 2017-04-11 in the Playstation store.

I was hired to write some heavy music for this action packed snow racer game. After retuning (down) my guitars and basses an extra notch I came up with a few really heavy and interesting tracks suitable for the races. Take a look and listen to the trailer and find out what the game is all about.

Read more about Snow Moto Racing at the Zordix webpage.

Safety education game for LKAB by EducateSmart.

We had the pleasure to compose music and create sound design for a new safety education game developed by EducateSmart in collaboration with LKAB.

Excerpt from LKAB pressmessage:

LKAB is the first industrial company to launch an interactive safety training and certification programme. Participants are trained in familiar settings and realistic situations. "At LKAB safety always comes first. We"re very pleased to be able to offer our co-workers an innovative training programme that employs gaming technology," says Jonny Snell, QEW coordinator at LKAB...

Read more about the safety education game at www.lkab.com

Safety Education Game